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Nuke_Danarchy February 23rd, 2004 01:21 PM

I would like to get some opinions on Tires for Stock Wheels.
What Sizes,Brands and Types of Use(Daily Driver,50/50,Off-Road...)
Any Input Greatly Appreciated!

bump_r February 23rd, 2004 01:43 PM

Stock Wheel TIRE Survey
Since hte FAQ section is down, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you tried there first and came up empty. Thusly, I'll provide proper input rather than my typical "look in the FAQ, ya moo-ron!"

Seriously, good question. When I got my truck, it came with 9:00-16 "Multi-Mile" Super-Traction tires. These are heavy checron (directional) tires. I stil have em, but am now actually running 13-38x16 Super Swamper TSLs. They wear OK (I don't daily-drive the truck so I'm prolly NOT a good resource for wearability info), perform well off-road. They are a bear to balance, take forever to re-round after a cold night's flat-spotting. They are loud, but people swear they hear my NP 200 coming before they hear the tires. Fit on stock rims just fine. The "nubble-nubble-nubble" against the reight front springat full left turns (I think that's the condition - it's rare, either way).

The slight increase in size was not noticeable as far as performance goes, I still top big hills at the same speeds as the 900:16s, give or take. The second best thing about them over my originals, is the appearnce. The truck looks much more proportionately "correct" with 38's (just looks better).

Nuke_Danarchy February 23rd, 2004 03:21 PM

Rubber Tailtgate Bumpers
Thanks Bump- Yeah I did do alittle searchin' before I posted up, Best thing I found wasn't about 5/4's though! Gotta Love this site, but it ain't the most user friendly when it comes to SEARCHING.
This Power Wagon article had some usful info. http://www.garbee.net/~cabell/photos5.htm
I wanna know what people are using on M715's and insight into results of using them.
You getta (A-) Bump 'cause you insinuated that I was a Mow-Ron! (& u spellt it rong) :)

LuckyPabst February 23rd, 2004 04:55 PM

I'm running 35" X-terrains, mainly because I lucked into a nice price on a new set. The truck is my only transportation and I have no complaints with them, maybe they wear faster than I hoped but not outrageous. They work great offroad out here in the dry dirt and rocks. Never been balanced and they run as smooth as any passenger car tire.

My biggest concerns are that the stock wheels aren't radial approved and the tires are very wide for our wheels. No problems thusfar however.


Doug February 23rd, 2004 05:16 PM

Dan, I run the swampers also, if you go that route go as tall as you can afford. It will help a smidge with top end speed and they do look better. I run 36" TSLs and plan on going to 38s next time around. I'm guessing that swampers do not wear as well as some others would, they are designed with off roading in mind. If you go with radials, make sure to get radial tubes. Bias tubes will build heat and eventually leave you sitting. Keeping your front end aligned is going to be your best answer to longer tire life. Tom(spicergear) has some XLs on his, not sure how many mile he has actually clocked on them though. Jeff(grndpndr) Had some good looking tires on his that looked like they would be more friendly than swampers for daily driving but still retained a good aggressive looking tread for off roading. I dont recall what brand they were, I'll send him a PM to draw his attention to this post.

PS: Read the note you sent today, Had to laugh at the quote. :)

GND_PNDR February 23rd, 2004 06:18 PM

Thanks Doug, I run 35" McCreary super lugs bias ply. They too flat spot bad at night but are an agresive tire with soft lugs and deep groves (penny goes to lincolns forehead). I didn't buy them they were on the truck when I got it. The guy said they were 220 apiece.

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