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(I called it that so you northerners would know what I was talking about)

How much slack do you have in it? If I put mine in neutral and crawl underneath and turn the driveshaft I get about 1/8th of a turn out of it before it tightens up.
The front-rear gives me about 1/10th of a turn.
Is this normal?
I have a locker in the rear, and when I installed it the ring and pinion looked fine and had no wear patterns I could see.
Seems like alot of slack to me.

Also, on a related note- when I'm cruising at 55 or so sometimes I get a whine out of my axle. Not really loud, but noticeable. All 3 of my 715's have had that and I assumed it was just part of their set-up. Do you guys get it?

I'm just getting paranoid as the big drive is coming up.