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Today it was not as cold. I finished the passenger side brake job. I had already bent a new steel line from the junction block on the differential to the wheel cylinder and installed that. Next, I went to the driver side. Of course, that steel line was damaged. I made a new one and it is fine. Replaced the wheel cylinder and of course, one of the brake return springs broke. So I need to replace that.

Does anyone know of a source of brake return springs that are not $10.00 each? While replacing one for that amount won't kill me. But I thought it may be a good idea to replace all 8 of them. But $80.00 for springs is a bit ridiculous. If they cost that much, I can buy what I need. But best way replace them all.

BTW, the rear shoes are all secondary shoes, no short lining shoes. The new riveted ones I got from A.B. Linn are secondary and primary. They will go on the front. Wadda Ya Think?

Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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