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Re: Tool Box?
Post by brute4c on Dec 26, 2006, 10:38am

The compartment under the front of the bed is referenced in the Operators Manual as the stowage area for many of the issued items on the truck...the manual tells what the item is and then where it is stored...this description fits item that go in that compartment:

In tool compt on R.H. or L.H. lower front side of body.

Remember the cab is called the cab and the bed is called the body....

These are the items listed for that area:

BAG, Tool, Cotton Duck, 10" x 20"
HANDLE, Jack, Flat Strip, ? x 7/8 x 20"
JACK, Mach, Dbl-Screw, 3-Ton, Ratchet Type, 9" Closed, 18" Open
WRENCH, Socket, Wheel Stud Nut, L-Hdl, 10.5" Offset, 1" Hex Opng, 24" long.


BLOCK, Rigging, Wire Rope, Stl-Shell, Sgl-6 ? " Sheave, W/Swivel Hook, ?" Dia Rope & Under, 5-Ton Safe Work Load, OD Finish.
CHAIN, Gen Serv, Sgl-Leg, High Test Chain, 7/16-Link x 10ft Long, W/2-Grab Hook, Proof Load 11,200 lb (Type I, Grade C, Class 2


SPOUT, Can, Gasoline, Flex, Cam Type, 2.25" OD x 16' Long.
STRAP, Cargo, Tie-down, Nylon Webbing Univ Type, 1.75" Wd, 216" to 218" Lg Ratchet Buckle, W/2 Swivel Snap Hook

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