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Default Stock specs for stock axle, wheel, brake drums & tires

The stock front axle is a closed knuckle full floating Dana 60. It has 30 spline axles. It comes with an open differential, ie NO locker or posi. It has a WMS to WMS (wheel mounting surface to wheel mounting surface) measurement of 73.5 inches.

The stock rear axle is a Dana 70 full floater. It has 23 splines. It comes with an open differential, ie NO locker or posi. It has a WMS to WMS measurement of 72.5 inches.

The bolt pattern for the wheels is 6 on 7.25 inches with a 5.5 inch center hole. The stock studs are 5/8ths inch diameter with 18 threads per inch, fine thread. The stock rims are split safety ring type, not split rims, that measure 16 inches tall, 6.5 inches wide and have 5.5 inches of backspacing.

The brake drums are 13 inches in diameter and use a 2.5 inch wide pad. A new brake drums machined surface is 13.030 inch in diameter. The Maximum Allowable Drum Diameter is 13.060 inch. The manual says that, "If a drum is reconditioned in this manner, either the correct factory-supplied, oversize lining .030" must be installed, or a shim equal in thickness to the metal removed must be placed between the lining and shoe so that the arc of the lining will be the same as that of the drum".

The stock military tires are a 9.00-16 NDT (Non Directional Tread) which run approx. 34 inches tall.

The track of the M715, center of tread to center of opposite tires tread, is 67 inches.

The widest point of the M715 is 85 inches at the lifting hub mounted on the rear axle flange.

The max width of the tires on the truck is just under 80 inches in case you need to know for trailering purposes.

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