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The ignotor actually has two capacitors. (Condenser was the term used for a capacitor back in the 30s-70s or so. Like changing cycles to hertz, the electronics industry decided to change terms).

One capacitor is part of the power connector. The 24 volt power lead connects to it in the side of the ignitor and that power passes through on its way to the + of the coil (It's used to reduce radio frequency interference). The second capacitor (called the condenser) is connected to the points. It reduces the arc of the points. Tue truck would not run long (if at all) without it because the points would erode away.

So, you actually have two capacitors/condensers. If you look in the parts manual, the pictures show the two capacitors and their locations.

Even with the Pertronix setup, you still have the feed through capacitor because it is the power connector.
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