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Default joesco715 : Stripping vs Blasting and other ?'s

Stripping vs Blasting and other ?'s
Post by joesco715 on Dec 23, 2006, 7:19pm

Merry Christmas Fellow Zoners,

I am almost at the end of my disassembly of the front-end (damage) of my newly aquired Hercules Diesel re-powered 715 and reassembly of the new parts.

A few questions please....

Should have cab sand blasted or paint strip it myself with some power-wire brushing? If I strip it, what would you recommend as a stripper?

Also, how difficult a job is it to remove the bed? I have access to both a loader and forklift. If it not to much trouble, i would like to POR the frame underneath along with the bottom of the bed.

I have POR'd the inside floors and installed a set of Cherokee bucket seats. That stuff works great, but expensive ($33.00 per quart)

Could you seasoned Zoners recommend some nice rubber floor matting that will not only protect the newly painted floors, but provide some insulation?