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Re: Stripping vs Blasting and other ?'s
Post by porkchop on Dec 24, 2006, 10:38am

I had every part of the truck blasted. No warping. I disassemblied the truck completly before I started blasting. The bed is easy to remove. Just take the gas tank off remove the bolts. $ guys can lift it off but a front loader is much easier. I have done it both ways.

I was not happy with the POR 15 It started to peel off my frame. I followed the directions exactly. I called the tech support and they ask how close I live to the ocean. I was 20 miles from the cost so they figured the salt air was the problem. They refunded my money. I use Zerorust now and it is a much better product. Less prep work and easier to apply. It also holds up better.