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Re: Stripping vs Blasting and other ?'s
Post by beast on Dec 24, 2006, 11:51am

I had every piece of metal on my truck blasted. They used sand for the heavy stuff like the frame, and bed, and others, and crushed walnut shell for the cab, doors, fenders, and hood and such. Warping only happens when someone doesn't know how to correctly media blast, and lets heat build up by working in one small area. I had a local guy who is well known in the hot rod world do my truck. He had every piece done in a short time and it only cost me $2000 for it all. The best was that we worked together on what order I needed the parts for paint and reassembly, so that as soon as he was done with a part I went picked it up, painted it and was ready for the next one he had done. You can tell the progress by looking at the restoration pages on my 715 site
Stripping seams to me to be a huge and dangerious mess. Plus the 40 year old original paint on these trucks can be fairly stubborn to remove.