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Re: Plug Wire Problem
Post by adk4x4 on Nov 8, 2006, 9:33am

Jon back me up on this.
Looking at the pic, the distributer looks like it should be rotated 90 clockwise. This maybe the distance you need. On my stock dist., the inspection bolt(the "big bolt over the coil" is pointed towards the firewall, unlike this pic which has it almost pointing down.

If you didn't move the dist. in changing the wires it maybe ok timing wise but the cap is now rotated away from the stock poistion. I know my #6 wire is prettty tight the way it is. It might be worth checking exactly where #1 is supposed to be. Could all wires have been rotated in the civy rewire and now the whole dist. is 90 out of poistion with ok timing?

This would work and will have you come up short on stock wires. Although #5 looks to be a bit short too and rotating may make it worse. Check into it.