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I wish I could say that. I am headed out to work on the CJ again. I am getting close to being able to sell it. The good news is my data plates should arrive today. I ordered them just about two months ago out of Poland. Virus stuff probably held them up.
I am building my M715 to mostly tour the woods here and get fire wood here and there. We went out last week to find a huge amount of new permanent closure to all motorized use signs everywhere. Old road beds that connect to others. I located the number of the guy in charge of all the roads here. He is being told to shut everything. He would not say if it was federal. Of course it is. There are hundreds of miles of really fun roads to explore here. Not for long it appears. I saw this happen in the Seattle area decades ago, again in the Portland area in the 90's and now here. Pretty sad to see. I hope some get left open. Now you will be a criminal for being out on your land if you have a motor with you. I had better get some street tires. A regular hoot I say.
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