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I'm wondering if the oil supply line was replaced with some inferior tubing and it has collapsed internally. It's most important to be sure that enough oil is flowing to the valve train, even if that means actually looking at it with the engine running before installing the rocker cover.
If you decide to not remove the head, I would replace the oil line with steel tubing, use a good engine assembly lube on everything to keep your new parts from being dry when you start the engine.
If you do remove the head, it will have to be disassembled, tanked to be cleaned, magnafluxed for cracks, planed for flatness, and then I would ask the machine shop if they recommend replacing the guides. If the guides are worn out, then you're looking at new valves and valve seat grinding. This would be an excellent time to have hardened exhaust valve seats installed, but I've never seen any. However, Jeepdan once posted a great link to an engine parts supplier, but I can't remember what the topic of the thread was.
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