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Re: Timing cover
Post by brute4c on Dec 22, 2006, 11:07am

I bought a 230 civvy version, from a guy for the civvy ignition and 2 barrel and intake...actually I got the whole truck that was rusted out pretty good. I pulled the motor and was checking out all the the oddball motor mount locations and the plate they attached to...
I wanted to keep the waterpump as a spare but found out the pattern was all wrong...and that led to the timing cover being wrong as well...

If you look at the head/timing cover on a mil engine, the top has 2 bolts that go in through the cover to the head. On the civvy motor, one of these bolts from the cover actually bolts to the plate between the block and head and not to the head itself as the cover is wider there and the bolt would fall farther to the drivers side than there is head to bolt to. I still have the civvy head with its one upper hole. There are also "wings" on the front of the mil head to cover the corners of the timing cover in the front...the plate on the civilian version does this, otherwise there would be a leak...if you look at this pic:

Look at the sides of the block running forward toward the timing cover. This is the mil version of the motor...the head has the same angle pieces at the timing cover end which extend all the way out to the end of the #1 piece on the left and farther than the #1 piece on the right...

Imaging where the head would end if those triangles werent there....if the block and head came forward with straight sides....that what the civvy engine does. It would leave quite a space...which is taken up by that goofy plate between the timing cover and the block and head...

I may be able to get a shot of that for you...let me look...