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Originally Posted by Snuffy View Post
From my understanding.... It wouldn't really matter much what it did to the ignition system. An EMP will 'cook' magnets (read - demagnitize) and batteries (connected to the frame), so no generator and batteries. The truck would be dead in the water either way.

Not sure how protected the mil generators are....

I think people are greatly overestimating the effects of an EMP... frying a battery, for example, is essentially impossible. By the time you managed to apply enough of an electromagnetic field to the jeep to cook the battery, the whole jeep would already be on fire...

The alternator, however, is the most EMP-sensitive part of a stock M715, due to its use of solid-state electronics, both the regulator circuit and the silicon diode output bridge. It is, in fact, the only part on a stock one likely to be damaged by an EMP. So in case of EMP, better start looking for an old generator (no diodes), or make sure to keep the lights off so the batteries last as long as possible.

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