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I cant help on the bolt hole dimensions and locations.. as the previous owner of my truck had already done an outstanding job rebuilding the troop seats .

But I did have to go back and wedge some plastic "door shims" between the uprights and the bed slots, just to tighten it all up and take out some annoying squeaks.
Once the wood slats are all installed, tightening up the bolts seems to take a lot of slop out, and i'm pretty sure you will need to do that "well after they are installed"
after the wood has had a chance to "seat".

I searched through some old posts here to find the drill specs for you, but I had no luck.

countersunk is a priority, as are rounded and routered edges.

Someone here knows and has posted those specs...

Even if I went out and measured them all...
I'm not confident in that exacting detail to refer you to those measurements.

It seems that most guys used the old rotted seats to make new planks.

hopefully someone has this info.

hostis est intra portas tuas

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