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Re: stoopid brake questions
Post by barrman on Nov 20, 2006, 9:05am

The censor on the site converted the word brake s p o o n to sthingy. I was confused as well when I just read it.

You did the bench bleeding right it sounds like. Now that it has been over night, you should be able to look under the truck and check out the inside of each tire. If you have a leak at a wheel cylinder, there will be an inverted V of fluid on one or more of the tires.

If no leak is evident, then I would look at the block where the brake switch is that you pluged one outlet after you removed the rear brake line from it. Either that plug or the splice for the new rear line could be leaking air but not fluid. Air molecules are smaller than fluid ones. Air will go through but you won't have a leak of fluid that you can see.

Besides those and the very real possiblilty of bad flexible rubber lines, I would next start thinking about frozen up wheel cylinders.