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Here is your kit source info...from Binford:

Well I think I really scored here! I found a site as dedicated to old carbutetors and sundry car parts as we are dedicated to M715s! In an e-mail exchange with their Grand Poobah, I gave him all the numbers off my M715 carburetor and he said he found the exact kit for it, their CK537, which he even has in stock. It ain't cheap, but not too bad. $41.71 plus shipping. Here's a link to it:

He said he'll put up a pic for it soon.

He invited us to link to him too. There's the rebuild kit link above and their main link is:

Heres a pic of the kit:

And you can get the Jeep factory kit from as this member states:

Memphis Equipment has them(OE Jeep/Kaiser kits).Jeep part # is 944428 for $ 28.36 of course I picked it up personally so shipping will be more.
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