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Anyone swapped a D80 from a Dodge out back? I got myself an early 80ís Chevy kingpin front D60 and a 14 bolt drum rear to swap under my truck. The D60 is going to work great up front (Iím going to move the springs under the frame rails), but the 14 bolt is too narrow for out back (I donít want to move the springs under the frame rails out back because it will add way more lift than I want - I just want spring over up front and shackle flip out back). I found a D80 out of a 99 Dodge 2500. Itís got 4.10ís to match my front, disc brakes, itís 8x6.5 to match the front, 72Ē WMS to WMS (almost identical to the original 70), and all I need to do is weld new spring perches on it (but thereís tons of room). Anyone ever throw one of these under their rig?...

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