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Default adk4x4 : Leaf spring lube

Leaf spring lube
Post by adk4x4 on Nov 22, 2006, 11:54am

According to the maintenance manuals the leaf springs were factory lubricated and no further lube required. I bet it wasn't intended for 35+ years though.

Has anyone done something to lube the springs and has it improved the ride.

I know, it's a truck rated for load and will ride like a morning stiffy without anything in the back, but I figured if the springs don't want to slide agaisnt each other then the stiffness would be worse especially when not worked out often.

I've heard of guys applying grease to the outside and wrapping them with bags and riding down a bumpy road for a while helps.

Iv'e heard of guys taking out leafs as well but I would not want to do that and reduce the load capability.