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Re: Leaf spring lube
Post by fisherman on Nov 22, 2006, 2:37pm

I purchased new springs from AB, thanks Man. Took the leaves apart and painted each leaf with two coats of Slip plate from my John Deere Dealer. Slip plate is a graphite based paint. I hope that it will keep them quiet and maybe make them a little more suptle when wheeling. It is awesome stuff, and easy to do. The more pressure you apply to the paint the slippery it becomes, and it does not come off easily. Makes the springs look great to. Mud and water or dirt will not stick to it. After I applied two coats to each spring I simply bolted them back together and installed. I can't tell you how they work yet as my truck is still in fabrication restoration form. Use the same paint on your tailgate and or door hinge pins and anything where two pieces of metal make a contact that needs some lube properties. It was about $20.00 for a gallon and I only used about a quart so far.