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Re: Radiator in the bed ??
Post by 40grit on Nov 3, 2006, 4:53pm

ok, here's a bunch...

front view, ground level

top view

passenger side rear view

driver side rear view

yet another view

radiator I'm using, with Flexilite 292 monster fans ( 31x19 universal Gm rad)

no put together pics, but the rad fits in front, about 3" further forward than stock with the fans behind it...leaves about 1" to front of water pump serp pulley...still has room for auto tranny cooler in front if I decided to change down the road...

supports are made of steel framing member, cost $11 for 10' section, cut a few pieces out, bent some in half lengthwise and used them for front supports, with a thin strip of rubber, it fits perfect around tanks on radiator, just need to fab top and bottom brackets, and drill holes for fans to mount...