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Re: need help with 'flipping radiator core support
Post by bigjake6 on Nov 17, 2006, 9:29pm

hey everyone, just wanted to thank you for the great info.

i cut out the passenger side radiator suport and welded it into position using the second bolt hole.........over all it was a pretty easy mod. my only 'word of wisdom' is that the 28" summit aluminum radiator needed to be mounted against the drivers side radiator core support..........not centered between the two order to allow the hood to close without coming into contact with the radiator cap.

I have some scrap aluminum angle and plan to weld it to the radiator and then bolt it to the core this similar to what others have done?

my only concern is that the radiator sits on the cross supports of the frame in order to allow the hood to close........and as the frame flexes, the radiator needs to move as well..........but i dont know how to make this happen..........any help is appreciated.

thanks again to all............