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Well, I took my spring off so as to put it in the vice and squish the bushing in that way. As I took out the front spring bushing I noted that it seemed loose in the eye. I swapped them and the back one was a perfect fit to the front eye and the the front fit the back perfect.
It all made sense after that.
2 years ago I had replaced the front busings with 2 that i picked up from Memphis Equipment. They fit about 1/8" too loose. Then last week I went back to Memphis Equipment and got the rear ones and they were about 1/8" too big. I'll let ME know next time I'm there that they have the bins mixed up.

To anyone doing this: Tkae off your springs and use a vice and washer to press in the bushings. It's ALOT easier than any other method. If a bushing is gone, then you have to get out the metal outter sleeve and that can prove to be hard. I found that using a metal bladed saw-zall is easiest. Slip the blade between the ends of the spring and saw out the sleeve. Then it can be hammered out.
I coated the outside of my bushings with anti-sieze. My bolts too.
When you put the spring back on, put you jack under the center of the spring and tighten it back up to the axle houseing before you tighten your U bolts as this will ensure they all get leveled.

Good luck!

This did cure my clunk. I had 3 bushing gone and one that was ovaled out.