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Originally Posted by jlogan View Post
This is a work in progress but I just wanted to post a few pics of an axle swap. I'm using a Dana 70u out of a mid 80's CJ10A airplane tug. It has 4.88 gears and a powerlok. The WMS to WMS is 75.5", so it is an inch wider than the stock axles (73.5") on each side. I'm planning on using H1 rims with it.

Sorry these are ugly cell phone pics, but it was all I had. I'm having a local 4wd shop do the work.

The stock drums on the tug axle are stamped with Ford logos, so I bought a Ford Dana 70u disc brake bracket from Ruff Stuff Specialties They bolted to the existing backing plates and lined up perfect.

You can see how much space there is between the stock springs and the brakes. If you wanted you could probably use the stock drums that come on these axles.

The center section is in the center of this axle. So the clearance between the gas tank and driveshaft is pretty tight. Right now the gas tank is about 1.5" away from the inner edge of the frame. I think once it gets tucked over against the frame the driveshaft will have enough room. May still need to bend or trim the very edge/corner of the tank by the driveshaft. You can also see in this pic how the bottom of the 70u is very smooth with no bottom lip protruding to hang up on rocks or whatever else you like to run over.

A Dana 60 from a M1008 will go up front, spring under, using the stock springs. It has 4.88 gears swapped in and ballistic fab high steer arms for the steering. Will also be putting DRW hubs on it to use the H1 wheels. They will be doing something similar to bluesman2a and wantapinz for the spring perches on the front axle. Waiting on spring bushings for the stock front springs right now.

I'll post more pics hopefully in a few weeks when it is done.

Glad to see you do this, I have one of the tug axles my self and thought long and hard about using it on Big Cheese. Keep the pictures and write-up coming!
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