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Al: I'm testing it while holding it my hands. Didn't know my skin could cause an errant reading. Will move to a more suitable surface.

Rboltz: That's how I tested it except I had the top of the unit as the ground since it isn't installed yet.

Tim: This is a sender for the 77 van. 12 volt.

Jon: Yes I know everyone's stuff is different. When I figure out it works or not, I can buy a matching guage--or Google it up I guess.

Randy: Thanks for that info, based on that and the fact that I can't get any reading, I'll buy a new one. It matches very well with the tank depth by a slight straightening out of the pickup tube by hand. I'll still have to add about 1 to 2 inches in length to extend it to the bottom of the tank, so I'll probably not mess with the new one other than adding whatever length is needed. The float rod I had to unbend a little with pliers. It appears to have no binding when dipping it in a tank of water.

Thank you all for the responses. Bill
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