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Default The Ultimate in pic-posting help

(Note: This was originally posted by Binford at the temp site while we were redoing the server stuff.)

Let's post this as a sticky where needed to help folks who are new to posting pics. I think the screenshots really help.

1. Okay.... You know where the pics are in your computer. Like in "My Pictures" or wherever.

2. With that in mind, go to:

3. When the page opens, it will look like something like this:

4. First check the "resize image?" square as I have in the example. Then click on the drop-down menu arrow to the right of it and change it to "640x480 (for message boards)" as I also show in the example.

5. Next click that "Browse" button. A File Upload window will open up showing you thumbnails of the files in your computer. Find the picture you want to upload. When you find it, click once on the picture, just to highlight it, then click the "Open" button in that window. As you are ready to click the "Open" button, your screen will look something like this:

6. Once you have clicked the "Open" button, the File Upload window will close. Now you just click that "host it!" button on ImageShack and wait.

7. After ImageShack does its thing, your screen will look something like this:

8. You'll see a thumbnail of the pic you uploaded, in this example it's someone's tan M715. Just below the thumbnail you'll find a link for "Hotlink for forums (1)". Click once on that line to highlight it as shown below:

9. Once you have highlighted that link, copy it by pressing the "Ctrl" and "C" keys on your keyboard at the same time.

10. Next open the message box on the Zone where you would like to post the picture. You may type text in the box as you normally do to post on the Zone. When you are ready to insert the picture into the post, simply put the cursor where you want the picture to appear and paste it there by pressing the "Ctrl" and "V" keys on your keyboard at the same time. You may then continue writing text below the picture as well by typing below the pasted link.

11. Here's an example of including text with the picture of that tan truck. What I am writing here will appear above the truck. And here's that tan truck:

12. Now the text I am typing below that link will appear below the picture of the truck.

13. And here is a screen shot of how that message box looked as I typed that text above and below the picture of the truck:

14. A few points to keep in mind.... I find that ImageShack is often very slow, but be patient and success will be yours! Also, watch the file size of the picture you are posting. ImageShack limits it to 1.5 megabytes, but that is a huge file and will take a very long time to upload. I try to keep pics at around the 50kb size.

15. If any of you who have never posted pics before give these instructions a try and find something about them confusing, please send me a PM and I will try to clarify to make it easier for the next guy. My goal has been to make this as clear and complete, yet as simple, as possible. Any suggestions toward reaching that goal will be most welcome.

Happy pic-posting!
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