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If you want to link to a picture that is online somewhere, not at Imageshack but just anywhere, you can do so by:

1. Copy the address of the picture from your browsers address bar OR right click on the picture and select:

Firefox: Copy link location
Internet Explorer: Copy shortcut

2. Make a new post here at the site and right click in the posting text box and select paste to paste that address into the posting text box.

3. You will need to put the following code before the link you just pasted: [img]
You will need to put the following code after the link you just pasted: [/img]
So your link should look something like this:
[img]link to the pic here[/img]
Where the "link to the pic here" part is replaced by the actual link to the pic. Leave no spaces between the [img] and [/img] tags.

EXAMPLE: Here is a link to a pic we have on our server just to demonstrate:

To display that as an image, type:


And here is what that code will do:

Hope that helps...Enjoy!
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