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So the truck rolls on it's own wheels again. Superlift 2.5 inch lift chevy 47 inch springs, ruff stuff hangers, shackles measuring 3 3/4 center to center, and Rubicon Express steel 6 degree shims has put my caster at 5.75 degrees. The truck sits nose high and has yet to hold the weight of a Buick 350, winch and a bumper. Hopefully it will drop some and I will add a short block in the back suspension to level it all out at the end of assembly.

I could not get the doors open enough to remove the front sheetmetal while on the lift. Now I can and time to change the engine frame horns.
I will put the motor in then remove it for checking mains and rod bearings. Put in a roller timing chain and paint it. And replace the firewall and some floors. It looks like the rockers may need it to. Melnicks makes the most accurate reproduction rockers for wagoneers and they sell shorter ones for the J trucks or in this case, a M715.

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