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Old December 24th, 2006, 01:20 PM
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Default Radiator questions

radiator questionsTechnical Forums » Open Discussion Archives » radiator questions

radiator questions
Post by stanman on Nov 6, 2006, 7:56pm

Would a radiator from the same year of J truck or wagoneer fit in a M715?
Re: radiator questions
Post by mgmorrison on Nov 6, 2006, 10:17pm

Move the passenger side support over. I think the outlets are at different corners also...
Re: radiator questions
Post by brute4c on Nov 6, 2006, 10:20pm

The civvy Jees did not us the same radiator...the civvy 230s were 2 core instead of 3 and arent enough to keep it cool....I know from experience....and the other engine radiators have incorrect hose locations...
Re: radiator questions
Post by stanman on Nov 6, 2006, 10:27pm

What about the earlier Jeeps with the tire smokeing 230? Wouldnt it be the same?
Re: radiator questions
Post by mgmorrison on Nov 6, 2006, 10:34pm

That's what Jon was referring to...what happened to yours? A good radiator shop should be able to fix it.
Re: radiator questions
Post by stanman on Nov 6, 2006, 10:38pm

Oh. Big ol' crack in the top tank and I think a few small leaks on the bottom tank.
Re: radiator questions
Post by Barrman on Nov 7, 2006, 9:22am

Now that you know you really need a M715 radiator for the M715 with the 230. What engine do you have?

A 1967 396 Chevelle radiator will basically fit right in if you have a Chevy V8 in the truck. Change the angle on the hoses and it will work with the 230 as well. You can find them online for $150-$200. The biggest Summit aluminum radiator with the Chevy outlets will also work with the passenger side core support moved a few inches.
Re: radiator questions
Post by stanman on Nov 7, 2006, 11:13pm

I still have the 230
Re: radiator questions
Post by brute4c on Nov 8, 2006, 10:14am

I was able to modify a Modine 583 to is a CJ and A?MC car radiator, 3 core, has virtually the same face area...very very close...

After buying the radiator for around $160, I had to have a little work done...

Upper and lower hose mounts moved from one side to the other
Petthingy had to be moved due to interference
Mounting straps from the original radiator were removed and put in place of the ones on the new one.
New holes needed to be drilled in the staps to mount the radiator.

This unit does have an auto trans cooler...I just didnt use it...

The width, length and height work fine...though it is slightly taller than the stock one...

That stuff ended up costing $75 and so the bill came to $225...

I would go with the Summit model today...
Re: radiator questions
Post by Hetzer on Nov 8, 2006, 9:42pm

I have a stock one that's been gone re-cored that I no longer need.

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