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Forum for questions and comments on the website. This board is open to non-registered users to post questions regarding the website and problems registering.

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Old March 30th, 2007, 05:30 PM
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Default PLEASE READ! Setting to a trusted site.

Ok, we have had a number of members having issues not staying logged in long enough. Even when they have clicked in the 'remember me' box when they are signing in.
The Remember Me box will keep you logged in until either you log out, or I perform some updates on the site, or you delete cookies from your computer.

HOW to set this site as trusted.


Menu bar at the top of your browser, choose the 'Tools' drop down.
In that drop down menu, select the 'Options' choice (last choice on the drop down).
This opens up a new small window listed 'Options'.
Along the top of this window you will see tabs, towards the right of these tabs there is one called 'Privacy'.
Click on that tab.
Middle of this screen, on the right hand side, you will see two buttons, click the one that says 'Exceptions' (you will see that this is in the 'Cookies' section.
Clicking that button will pop up yet another smaller window that should be titled ' Exceptions - Cookies'.
At the top of this window is a box to type in titled 'Address of web site:'
Type in '' into this box.
Once you type that in, there are three buttons under there that will become easier to see. Click the far right button 'Allow'.
You can now click the close button on this window, and the previous window as well.
Login to the zone again, checking the 'Remember Me' box, and you should stay logged in for as long as you want (on this computer only of course).

Internet Explorer:
Menu bar at the top of the screen, click on the 'Tools' button.
In the drop down menu, click on 'Internet Options'.
A small window will pop up, and along the top row of tabs, click on the one titled 'Privacy'.
Towards the middle of the screen, there is a button called 'Sites'.
Click on that button, and another window will pop up titled 'Per Site Privacy Actions'. Towards the top of this window there will be a box to type in titled 'Address of website:'
Type in '' and to the right of this box will be a button called 'Allow'.
Close this window, and close the one before it.

Login to the zone again, checking the 'Remember Me' box, and you should stay logged in for as long as you want (on this computer only of course).

Last edited by brute4c; March 30th, 2007 at 06:33 PM. Reason: spelling error
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