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Originally Posted by venominjected View Post
I show 2.500 top and 6.500 bottom... and that number is from the face of the M-715 frame.

I don't know for sure if it is correct... does it 'hold the motor' yes.... is the engine sitting too high... I don't know yet... It will be 2 weeks before I get my cab tub back on to confirm dimensions. If your in a hurry have at it... but I'm nervous yes that it is sitting too high... so if you go ahead... just be aware that you may end up scraping the mounts.

My mounts are only tack welded together to hold the weight.. .a few zips and viola.. I'm back apart... reface the 4x4 square tubes to remove material and get the engine to sit lower... and weld them back up.

The numbers are preliminary and unverified... my assumption right now is NO... these numbers will NOT work yet... I think the engine is slightly too high to clear tunnel/hood/ cowl height firewall issues.
Thanks man. No huge rush, I'm 1 armed for a bit. I did get a measurement with 1st gen mounts of 20" with the anchor motor mounts on:

Thanks, George
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