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Nice postings, enjoying the details. Very strange, I also ripped my bicep and am a one armed bandit at the moment as well which is prompting me to peck out these questions. Also waiting to put in the exact same thing 6BT motor. You and a few on board here are intimately familiar. Two questions, my apology if I missed something earlier. Are you planning on some sort of cross member up front under the motor somewhere? I'm tempted to use a stock Gen 1 dodge its nearly made to work with a little shim. If dodge in all of their infinite wisdom decided they needed such a heavy cross member on a frame literally twice as heavy as an M-715…well thats why I am where I am. Apprehensive to do without it. The other question, I am also using rock wells. Even flopped on stock springs they are tall. What would you guys say would be a safe distance between the bottom of the pan and the rock housing. Mine isn't exactly going to be any jumper or articulating monster. A little cross member trimming and a snubber with 3-4"'s? You guys have thought this through already. Your opinions will be better than anyones. Funny you take that motor out of an m715 and it looks like to could put a hot tub in there until you start messing with a diesel. Dang things are deceivingly tall.
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