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Originally Posted by 12998 View Post
Looks like someone has been active ...

Any more details that you can share with the tank swap?
Specifically what did you use for mounting it, what application
was it from, and what did you use for the sending unit?
How are you planning on routing the fill?
The tank was purchased new and is for a 1985 Chevy K5 Blazer

It is 26 gallon (there is also a 31 gallon option)

I made a "cage" for it and suspended it under the frame rails...

For a sending unit I am using the factory 1985 Chevy K5 Blazer with the 6.2L diesel option... this sending unit has a pickup and return line as well as a vent built in...

The gauges I will be running in this truck can "select" which OHM setting is needed so i really dont care if its 0-90Ohm full or 30-240 etc. or 12 volts vs 24.

For filling I pretty much plan on routing the fuel hose between the bed floor and above the frame rail as there is already a very large gap there.

I may relocate the OEM fuel fill to behind the rear fenderwell instead of in front... or simply add another fuel door there. Unsure yet but I think I've seen both done on m715's before.
1967 M715, 6BT, ZFS542, NP205
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